Necron Flayed Ones

I used to run flayed ones in my Necron army- I liked the idea behind the model, if not really the model itself. Close combat Necrons are cool, but the flayed skins are kind of out of place for my tastes.

It seems with the current state of Necrons flayed ones were sent back to the tomb world to wait for a new codex. Sure they have terrifying visage but who isn’t fearless these days in 40K- and if you aren’t fearless you are riding in a tank. Not only can’t you shoot with flayed ones, they suck in the assault- an extra attack- no jacked out I, no rending, no power weapons, no invul. save! On the other hand they are “Necrons” so at least they add to your phase out number.

That said, I could still see a use for them on the table- one unit ten strong only as a distraction to keep your opponent busy, but not for long as they won’t be much of a distraction. Outflank them, infiltrate them, or deep strike them for objective grabbing and then go to ground. With a 3+ cover save and WBB they can stand up to some shooting for a bit.

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1 comments: on "Necron Flayed Ones"

Oblivion_Necroninja said...

Flayed ones force a Leadership test, not a Morale test. So, fearless units don't pass automatically.