Necron Phase Out

The first problem with Necrons is their phase out rule. A hold over from 4th edition when their gauss weapons destroyed tanks faster then melta spam it was intended to “balance” the army. Now in 5th edition with the nerfing of gauss weapons- their ability to immobilize at best phase out is a huge weight around the next, and the first issue one has to address when playing ‘crons.

Phase out gives your opponent two ways to win the game- either beat you at the mission or phase you out which gives them a massacre victory. Tournament players love facing Necrons for this reasons as a phase out gives them full points.

The first step is to make phase out as difficult as possible by stacking up the “Necron” entry models which add to your phase out number. In a 1750 point game 40 “Necrons” is the minimum number that you want. In this way if you are getting phased out you don’t have enough robots to hold the objectives or pull ahead in kill points anyway- the days of tri monoliths and C’tan are over!

With phase out secure, the next step you want to start thinking about is how you are going to manipulate things so you bait your opponent to go for phase out and use that to win the mission. More on this later, but first secure your PO number in your army list…

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