Slowing The Assault

If I’m facing Necrons one of the things I want to do is hit them in the assault as quick and as hard as I can forcing phase out. A good Necron army is also very shooty so being locked in the assault cancels that out also.

So on the opposite side of the table, what am I trying to do as a ‘cron player? I’m going to slow my opponent down letting them crash on waves of Necrons that I feed them using WBB and my firepower to slowly whittle them down. The art form here is to be able to use your Necrons as a firing block/phalanx, while at the same time have disposable units to slow things down. The concept of tactical withdrawal is also important but that follows in another article.

So what are some models to use to break on your opponent. I’ve had good success with tomb spyders, small scarab groups, and the Deceiver- yes I dared to invoke his name and I often play him on the table with great success despite what the interwebs say.

With these units my goal is at worst to pull you away from my core for a turn and whittle down a model or two, and at best to tie you up 2-3 turns if I can. With these units you want to wait till your opponent is just in rapid fire range of your warriors before you move out to intercept. Think of a wave crashing on ranks of rocks- that wave is going to break up.

When you assault, and this works especially well with scarabs since they can move over the enemy models, don’t hit your opponent straight on- this will bring them closer to you in the 6” pull in move before the assault, and then if they win on your turn they get a massacre roll.

Hit them from the side or back and in the right layout so it pulls their models 6” or so away from your core of warriors. Feeding one unit after another will buy you rounds of rapid fire in-between...

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1 comments: on "Slowing The Assault"

eris said...

iirc we can see you doing this with your destroyers in the game vs the warmaster. assaulting with them to pull his termies further away from your troops.