Crushing Imperial Fists!

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I've been following your necron blog for the last week or so, and have taken a lot from it. This weekend I'm facing my second opponent ever with my necrons- a friend of mine who plays an Imperial Fists army consisting, from what I know, of a drop pod with a sternguard + pedro, a pair of vindicators, 2 tactical squads, rhinos with assault marines, and a couple of units deepstriking using the drop pod beacon. I will be fielding a list very similar to your 1750 list to test out some of the tactics on your blog.

I'm told he will place the pod close enough to try to get in double tap range if there's a good target- later he'll use the beacon to deepstrike. He likes to move his vindicators up on either side of the field, popping smokescreen on the way, to clamp in on the opponent. He generally puts tactical squads on each side of the board as well and fires from there. One of my main worries is the sternguard; it could chew up the deceiver pretty easily. On the other hand the Deceiver could prove to be tempting bait if set up correctly. My ideas for taking on his army involve taking advantage of the fact that his big point sink has to come in turn one. From there try to disarm the vindicators and slow down transports. Would you have any tips for taking on this army?


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Garrett, from what you have told me, what you want to do is engage all of your Necrons on the first half of his army and wipe it out, and then deal with the second half. A plan, but not necessarily an easy plan even with all the Necron shooty. I would castle up in a corner of the board adjusting objectives/mission as needed and place the monolith if you have one as a capstone in the corner near the center of the table- check out my skillz in ms paint with the chart.

Hide the C’Tan behind the monolith as best you can and accept that you might just loose him. There isn’t much they can do vs. sternguard. You want that pod to land as close to your ranks as it can to help throw up a wall with you monolith. Once it hits, rapid fire everything and assault with the C’Tan. Don’t go to kill the pod- when the dudes come down on the homing beacon kill them.

With the vindicators use your destroyers or heavy destroyers to either blow off the gun or immobilize them and then forget them. Don’t even bother shooting the turn they pop smoke as your chances of doing anything are so slim- the destroyer shots will be better placed elsewhere. Destroyers pop rhinos, etc.


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