Necron Core Tactics

So here is what is going on in this picture RE Necron tactics Vs. Brother Captain James- of course this game never took place as the 6th company can’t report back loosing to Necrons…

Deployment was spearhead objectives- notice the placement of my monolith and the Deceiver which is hidden behind the rocks next to the silver BOLS token. BC James played it smart ignoring my monolith as popular internet wisdom dictates and focused on the warriors of which the closest one was 18” from the ‘lith for portal tricks if I needed another WBB roll. To the sides and back were the destroyers which first tareted the speeders in the list, then the razorbacks/rhinos, and then the dreads- just to immobilize them being AV 12.

Warriors just held the three objectives on my side and the monolith then moved up and parked on a 4th- I gave up on the one James held on his side of the table. Want to get to the objectives and my Necron core to phase me out- have to pass by the monolith & C’Tan while taking destroyer shots before eating a turn or two of rapid firing warriors.

My nightmare shroud lord? Had to feed him to a ten strong terminator squad to slow them down so I could get in two turn of rapid fire and destroyer shots on them taking them out.

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