Necron Immortal Tactica

Immortals are what Necron warriors should be in the game. T5, WBB, and a S5 24” gun. Immortals scare people, warriors are a joke, plus the name immortals is cool…

Immortals from and center providing the second bubble of fire against your opponent, starting to whittle down troops on foot. Right away you have to accept that fact that immortals are going to attract a lot of attention- like destroyers, your opponent can’t let these guys stay standing. Good news is that it takes some heat off the rest of your army, bad news is that with mass shots you can’t count on T5 to keep you standing.

What is going to keep these guys up is WBB rolls augmented by the monolith portal for another chance- keeping them at 8-10 strong every turn is the goal. If there is no night fight, a lord attached with solar pulse popping off is another way to deny your opponent another round of shooting.

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