Necron Lightning Lord

Here is another lord build that I have been having some fun with recently:

Necron Lord W/ Destroyer Body, Lightning Field, Gaze Of Flame, Chronometron, Warscythe

10 Scarabs

He is geared up for close combat, but he really isn’t that good at it, odd right? Necrons can’t do close combat and this build is about the best they can do, and it won’t stand up to a group of terminators or other dedicated assault unit. Don’t let the warscythe fool you- sure you are ignoring all saves which is sweet, but how many models is your lord going to kill? Two on average, and then the other eight terminators hit you back bypassing your T6 and save. So how do you use a close combat lord who sucks in the assault? The key is the destroyer body and scarab body guards- remember from my other posts that the lord is just a delivery vehicle for wargear.

With this type of build you aren’t zooming up the center cutting down marines like crazy, you are looking to exploit the weak side of the table. This type of lord is a back alley man- zooming up the edge of the table as the battle rages on hitting that lone tactical squad sitting on an objective or taking out a pesky group of snipers or devastators in a good position. You want to hit units that you can actually win with in a single round of assault and force them to flee so you can sweeping advance them/lock them in. The scarabs are there so as you zoom up you get mass cover saves and can take incoming wounds on them over your lord. Once you are in the assault any wounds taken on the scarabs give a S3 hit back- annoying to your opponent, but in mass they will take down another guy or two, and gaze of flame gives the -1 LD followed by chronometron to give you two chances to sweeping advance. Pick your target well, since the group is fearless any wounds you loose by will be taken on the scarabs and whittle them down to nothing in no time from the fearless wounds/saves. Now, why no phase shifter for the 4+ invul? Well, you don’t have the points for that and the other toys. Plus, you are T6- that protects you more then a 50/50 save- and if you are getting hit by mass thunder hammers you are smoked anyway.

IF, and it is a big IF you are going to throw these guys at a solid assault unit then you have to weaken that assault unit first to even stand a chance- destroyers and immortals are good for this- a round or two of shooting before the assault.

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