Necron Warrior Tactica


Every other xeno/imperial “troop” choice is better then warriors. The MEQ tactical squad gets a power weapon/plasma pistol option, plus a flamer/plasma/melta gun, and a heavy weapon + a transport. What do warriors get? LD 10 and WBB? That is the sound of suck in the air…

Add to that the fact that you need a solid core of warriors to boost your phase out number since they are the cheapest “Necron” to do this AND you need them to capture objectives.

Tactically, warriors need to get up close and rapid fire in blocks of warriors. Sixty rapid fire shots going into a unit is no joke. Of course getting this close means you are vulnerable to assault, especially if there is more then on incoming unit. You need to have a counter charge unit standing nearby to speed bump your opponent so those warriors are rapid firing one unit at a time- good speed bump units are C’Tan, tomb spyders, and scarabs.

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