Pariahs Yo!

A variant of my list has a group of pariahs in it with interesting results working off the synergy of the nightmare lord and the Deceiver. Yes, I can’t portal the P’s through the monolith, but I can have my lord in your back ranks shrouding off one turn and then next turn back in my ranks with proper monolith placement shrouding off at LD7.

Problem is with Necrons being so over priced from their out of date codex I can’t fit in all the toys I want in my list. Without breaking the strengths of my current 1750 list the only way I can get the P’s in my list and retain all my tricks it to drop a group of warriors.

Test games are in progress but is it worth it. I can work some nice magic with the P’s and they are worth the 180 points but then I only have two (!) troop choices and are ten more warriors down close to phase out. Warriors get reserved as SOP and they really don’t do much in the game besides come on and park on cleared objectives with contesting left up to other units. On the other hand two troop choices has my worried, I feel like three is small, would love to get four but can’t…

Any of you guys running with just two troop choices?

And of course there is the tricknology edge…

What would you be thinking in a tournament if your opponent showed up with a monolith + C’Tan + pariahs?

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3 comments: on "Pariahs Yo!"

Steven Morrow said...

depends on if they read your blog.They probably would have no idea what they are capable of.

CJ said...

Well I know our friend Jawwa plays with 2 troop choices.

about turning up with paraihs monolith and Deciever will definatly spark my attention. I would Totally ignore Monolith and C'tan until the Paraihs are dead (which is easy with some shooting. Then pick 0ff the Deceiver and Destroyers (which ever is biggest threat in the long run in the particular game.

Cheers CJ

elmahnken said...

I would say "Wow! That's the same list as I run!" Pariahs are pure awesomeness, but yet they are scorned by 40k players. Whenever the word "Pariah" is mentioned, people say "No, run two warriors instead!" When people hear the word "Immortal", they cower in fear at its T5, WBB, and S5 gun. Guess what? Pariahs are Immortals. They have the S5 guns. They have T5. Plus, they have warsythes, S5, and make enemies LD7. The only thing they don't have is WBB. I actually find this to be a good thing. The tactic of choice against insane Necron things like the Nightbringer on the Monolith or Pariahs is to ignore them. Because warriors soak up almost 100% of the fire, my Pariahs and Flayed ones are free to do whatever they feel like without being noticed. C'tan will get noticed after a while, as will the monolith, but Pariahs until they have just popped your Land Raider and killed all of your Terminators.