Win @40K Tournaments .PDF

Hard hitting and right to the point, this 21 page PDF shares with you all the knowledge you need to arm yourself with as you venture out into the 40K tournament scene. When you are looking to place and score some of that loot and glory in a tourney there is SO much more than just winning all your games. This is all the info summarized and condensed up that myself and Jawaballs use to win! I got pounded for years learning this stuff as a young Fritz on the table to now deliver this wisdom…

Topics covered in the PDF include:
Why even bother playing in tournaments?
Is that your army? Remixing your list.
Preparing for the big day. Tournament “Training”.
Dealing With Surly Players.
Playing the games themselves. Intelligence gathering.
What to do about composition?
Post Game wrap-up. Analyzing the results.
Bonus Content: Playing In A Doubles Tournament

$10 payable via google checkout, the .PDF is sent via email once payment clears. Purchase also covers any future updates and changes to the .PDF as the 40K meta game evolves and any updated .PDF’s will be sent to the email address provided to google checkout.

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