Necrons FTW!

Thanks for responding so quickly. I just played two games over the weekend one against blood angels the other against dark eldar. I nearly tabled the Blood angels player thanks to your tips and list in the PDF! Definitely the best $10 I've spent on warhammer 40k. I don't care what anyone says about necrons you can win with them and with a little practice they are an amazing force to field. My second match I tied, but I think I won on victory points we had to pack up quick.

Anyway I know that personal recommendations or suggestions don't come as part of the deal with the pdf but.... any tips on scaling up or down the pdf list? I normally run 10 destroyers in a 2k list and with that many points I also like to try and get the synergy of the fear list going with pariahs to drop my opponent to ld 7, plus they are quite good at killing enemy anvil units even with their mediocre initiative. As for scaling the list down I ended up having to cut the deceiver but I think In my match against the dark eldar player the deceiver would have served me better than the destroyer lord and all his goodies. The monolith was literally indestructible so there is no way I would drop it.

In the pdf you talk alot about castling up to one corner or side, but what if your playing dawn of war? Then your forced to spread out your entire army.... I've had problems with every dawn of war game I have ever played because of being too spread out, What can I do?

I totally understand if you are unable to respond to my many many questions, but I really wanted to thank you again for the fantastic pdf and providing so much tactical advice for free on your blog.


Reply Out:

Zach, awesome job and a great start- the star gods are pleased! Sounds like you are getting the flow of the .PDF down and from there you can start adapting the ideas to your own style. Scaling the list down…

I’ve written it at 1750 since that seems to be the lowest standard here in the states, with more games moving to 2K or 2.5K points (!) you just add more destroyers and/or scarabs. Gives you a bit more shots, and the scarabs soak up that much more. Pretty easy. Scaling it down to 1500 is a bit hard since the list was written to work around all the problems that Necrons currently have. The best to try and preserve the tactics is to drop the Deceiver and put in a tomb spyder to speed bump- and start pooping out scarabs with the lone tomb spyder. By far not the best, but it will buy you a turn when your opponent tries to crash your core…

Let’s get you pumped for dawn of war since that is the best mission for the list! Pick the side you want to castle up on, based on terrain, objectives, etc. and put your monolith in reserve to deepstrike, and everything else except the lord to walk in on turn one. When you go, pop off solar pulse, everything moves on to the side you want- castle up, and then go to work with the destroyers for a free round of shooting. At this point all your robots should be a block on one corner of the table. When the monolith arrives, you drop it at the top of the block for the capstone. DS will get it there faster then moving only 6” since it is so slow. Hope that helps!


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