Necrons White Dwarf

So I actually made the effort of picking up this months White Dwarf just to get to see the points costs from the Battle Report and maybe see some info. What I got was a lot more than that. For Necrons this was a fantastic issue, I haven't bought a White Dwarf in over 8 years and I must say I don't remember it ever being like that, but that is beside the point.

First things first the battle report, the points costs from what I saw seem reasonable and they showcased most of the units being that it was 4000 points per side. I think the most interesting thing was that Necrons actually didn't win, I would have thought they would have made it so they do but it was actually a good battle report and both teams had a good chance. Both sides weren't optimised from what I could tell and were more geared towards gimmicks. Showcased some of the Necrons new abilities and they seem pretty cool and all I can say is I can't wait to get my codex to be able to read this in better detail.

One of the specialist HQs were used, Imotekh the Stormlord with his ability to spread a D6 S8 lightning storm over separate squads on a roll of a 6. Interesting ability that limits your ranged attacks due to it creating night fighting but can be stopped at any time. Another one of the units showcased was the Doomsday Ark, the one with the big gun haha. It has a stationary range of 72'' S9 AP1 Heavy 1, Large Blast and a Combat Range of 24'' S7 AP4 Heavy 1 etc pretty decent  One thing I have noticed is the the weak armour, this is conteracted by the Quantum Shielding ability which increases the front and side panels by 2 until a penetrating hit is scored.
Necron Warriors are 13 points now, marine stat line etc. Immortals are troops now, so we have a heavy weapon for the troops as promised. It is fairly clear that Necrons are an extremely shooty army and have good skills to do so but they also some extremely scary close combat elements if used right.

I would highly recommend this months WD if you really can't wait to get your codex and just want a small glimpse of the changes. Overall from what I can tell it doesn't seem OP, the only thing people can complain about from what I can see is the massive fluff changes.


Warflake Out.  

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