Fritz's Necron Nightmare List

This was my list back in 4th edition, loads of fun to play and when it all came down to victory points it cleaned up, now in 5th with two of the missions being objectives, and the rise of mech it kind of invalidated this army, since I have NOTHING to pop mech at all. That said, I've been thinking about bringing the list back for fun, just need to dig up my flayed ones...

Nightmare List

HQ: Deceiver
HQ: Lord W/ Resurection Orb & Nightmare Shroud & /Warscythe

Elite: 10 Pariahs
Elite: 10 Flayed Ones
Elite: 10 Flayed Ones

Troops: 10 Warriors
Troops: 10 Warriors

Heavy: 2 Tomb Spyders

Fast: 5 Scarabs

How does the army work? It works as a block with synergy between the C'Tan, flayed ones, pariahs and lord. The idea is to bring units down to LD 7 in that bubble from the pariahs. From there Deceiver pins, lord shrouds and when the flayed ones hit my opponent might actually fail terrifying visage.

Defensively, since this is a close combat army- weird for Necrons, the C'Tan and tomb spyders are counter charge units, with the spyders pooping out scarabs and then laying them infront of the pariahs for cover saves at the least. Res orb is there since I will be eating powers fists, power weapons, and thunder hammers, etc.

So how would I play this in the current game?

In an objective game I would try to place as many objectives on one side of the table and look to win first for the roll off and take the side with the objectives and just camp. If I fail that, then the army advances as a block. Capture and control has me camping on my objective and then looking to zip in the scarabs last turn to contest my opponent's objective. Annihilation, I would just castle up on the side with the most terrain and go to ground.

Yes, there are lots of problems with the list getting picked apart at range for one, and of course if I face a fearless army like chaos space marines or daemons I'm done...

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