Fritz’s Challenge!

I personally challenge you to take a look at your Necron army. If you are a long time player why are you still running that VOD and Orb lord from 4th edition. If you are a new player why are you using that interwebs list? Ask yourself, am I playing a 40K 4th edition Necron army and is that why I am getting owned every week?

I challenge you to forget what you know about Necrons and go back to the codex. Over the time that we play an army it adapts to what we like and what the state of the game currently is. The problem with this is that so often our armies stay this way stagnant to the exploits of new codexes being thrown up against them. Forget what Necrons are right now, look to what they can be. Go back and read through your codex with the eyes as if it is a new ‘dex that you are looking to break.

Here is my challenge to help jump start that. For the next three games I want you to forget about winning or loosing. I want you to take two lords and load them up on wargear goodies and just try out some crazy stuff. Since you are not worried about winning or loosing your ego is freed from that constraint and you can have some fun…

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