Why The C’Tan Are A Win Win And Win

Rethinking the use of the C’Tan and being able to let go of the popular internet wisdom regarding them is what really started to shift the focus of my Necrons. Every time I have fielded that C’Tan so far I haven’t regretted the choice or points spent. One of those wins has been his use or lack of use as a fire magnet.

Placement is KEY since he (Deceiver) only moves 6” and I want to use his pinning power each turn.

If my opponent follows conventional wisdom and completely ignores the Deceiver instead going to phase out my “Necrons” then great- this is what I want since my strategy revolves around cats following SOP when it comes to fighting Necrons. That means my C’Tan is free to go about his business and start spanking my opponent.

If my opponent panics and starts shooting at him with shots that can actually wound him, then this is great also since those are high strength shots that are not going on my destroyers. And by playing Saim-Hann Eldar I’ve perfected the art of rolling a 4+ from my rune armor seer council.

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