Monolith Tactica

Ask yourself how am I using the monolith? Particle whip? Portal? Those are the usual tricks. I use it to project force on the table, and as part of the cornerstone of my three “unkillables”- monolith, Deceiver, Destroyer Lord. What it takes to put these guys down is a lot of commitment, more then most builds can handle if you are not ready for what I am going to do with them. This gives my other units a little more operating room. The monolith and my destroyer lord are the synergy- from shooting you can’t put down my destroyer lord and deny his WBB roll + he has a phylactery and failing that I portal him for another chance. Stringing combos like this is where Necrons are right now.

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2 comments: on "Monolith Tactica"

Old Shatter Hands said...

Current net-knowledge says the 'crons are a weak army. Sure they have their weaknesses but anyone who has ever faced two monoliths in one cron-list can testify, these things are tough. To be honest, Fritz, when I saw you playing necrons without one I was surprised. The monolith is a downright monster on the tabletop and it's almost game-breaking. What else allows you to remove units from close-combat?

Smurfy said...

FAQ overrides your saying about the AP 1 thing. ;)