Necron Warscythe

The Warscythe is THE deadliest close combat weapon in the game- no armor or invulnerable saves for you, second to the C’Tan phase blade- but that is the same thing. So you tool your lord up with the ‘scythe and you fancy him an uber unit, hitting a group of space marines and you still get owned. WTF?

Necrons can’t handle close combat- especially with the newer codexes. There are more bodies and power weapons like candy on the table- suddenly T6 and I4 mean nothing. Even with a phase shifter you are not going to last very long. For the most part lords should stay out of combat. The problem isn’t the scythe, it is the fact that it is on only one model. Say I throw my lord up against ten assault terminators- how many am I going to kill? Two, Three, and then they hit back and I go poof.

Where the warscythe now excels at is tank hunting and dreadnuts hunting. S5 gives you a good base and 2d6 on the armor pen turns it into a mini-melta weapon. Sure you might need “6”s to hit, but it will be rear armor, and against a dread you can take a few hits back and live.

Now that is not to say I won’t throw my lord into the assault deliberately if it will further the game. Sometimes I have to send him in to speedbump things down. Sometimes my C’Tan is busy and it is up to the lord. If I’m going into the assault then I need my destroyers to soften things up a bit with some kills to the unit before I charge in. Finally, I find what the warscythe can do often better then what it does do. Assault terminators avoid it like crazy since they don’t like not getting their 3+ invulnerable save, and that is something you can use to project force on the table…

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