Turn 5! Contest!

The good news about Necrons is that very few people play them when being compared to both loyalist and chaos marines- add into that mix an older codex and things are ready for the exploit. End game you need to start looking at contesting objectives and how you are going to do that. Visually, Necrons don’t appear to be that fast- no “transports” and only a slow monolith. Look at your list and ask yourself what can shift over to contesting turn 5/6?



Monolith (on size alone)

Destroyer Lord

Veil Of Darkness Lord

Heavy Destroyers

All can turbo-boost or deepstrike at will.

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1 comments: on "Turn 5! Contest!"

Lach said...

I have tied quite a few games this way and won one. No one expects your destroyers to Turboboost and be right in the thick of things.