Show Up With A Plan!

So I was talking with Jawaballs the other day as we are preparing for an upcoming tournament and how we are going to deal with some of the guys who we know will be attending- 40K pre-registration lists are great for this, which leads us to reviewing some of the adjustments in our own army lists, etc.

“I’m going to hit them with this backed by the pariahs…”

What is the quickest thing you can do to start winning games right now? Easy- just show up with a plan. Stop being a reactive player and start being an active player!

Take a look at your list and figure out what you are going to do with it. Where and how are you going to deploy? What units are going to take objectives? What is going to stop tanks, etc. Figure out what you are going to do, throw it down on the table, and stick to your plan regardless of what your opponent does. An active player controls and dominates the table from deployment to the end of the game- and “dominate” doesn’t necessarily mean being all in your face blowing up models. The active player forces their opponent to react to them, to always play catch up, to try and counter a plan that is already two steps ahead.

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