1750 List Review

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Here's the list I am thinking of running:

HQ: Deceiver

HQ: Necron Lord w/ Destroyer Body, Nightmare Shroud, Solar Pulse, Phylactery, Warscythe

Troops: 10 Warriors
Troops: 10 Warriors
Troops: 10 Warriors

Fast: 3 Destroyers
Fast: 3 Destroyers
Fast: 5 Scarab Swarms

Heavy Support: Monolith
Heavy Support: 2 Tomb Spyders

1750pts right on the button

-Its almost a cookie cut of your list minus the addition of the Tomb Spyders (I like the models and want to give them a try). My idea is to send out the Deciever front and center and draw fire, while my destroyer lord zips around on the flank to get behind enemy lines and pop off nightmare shroud on troops unfortunate enough to not be in a vehicle (not too sure how common that will be, especially at our club). My opponent will have to decide which to focus on and both are tough as nails

The warriors will sit back and take shots if needed but are really there just to hold objectives and stay alive while the Tomb Spyders stay close by if the enemy starts to get too close.

The Destroyers will stick together and neutralize enemy tanks that pose as an immediate threat. 6 destroyers is a little light, but we'll see how well the Tomb Spyders perform

The Monolith, I think will almost always deepstrike, I don't want a lucky lascannon shot take it out on turn one. Might hold a unit of warriors in reserve to port through depending on how objectives are set up and how my opponent deploys, otherwise it will deepstrike onto the board where it can be an annoyance and force my opponent to deal with it.

I want to fit in some immortals but I think they way overpriced.

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Immortals are what warriors should be for like 20 points, but sadly they aren’t and are way expensive point wise when you need to cram in a C’Tan and monolith to even try and pull off a win.

The spyders can work pooping out a swarm to abuse the mixed toughness rule bringing them up to the toughness of the spyder. Get the swarm in cover for a 3+ cover save on the swarms and a4+ on the spyder despite being a monstrous creature. Question is are they worth loosing two destroyers, or perhaps a group of warriors instead. I’ve been playing around with both and don’t have a full answer yet.

RE Deceiver, resist the temptation to send him out- he is your counter assault unit and needs to be with your warrior core. Plus he only moves 6” and if you run you can’t assault or use his powers. Put him in a place where your opponent has to come to you by going past him and he’ll always make the points up.

Out of all the games I’ve played so far I’ve only lost the monolith twice- once when playing James at the BFS tourney where the whip scattered onto my own monolith and blew it up, and the second time when Bishop’s Tau hit it with four rail cannons. Everybody else has either ignored it completely, like popular internet wisdom says, or they fire a shot, it does nothing and then the go on to my destroyers and things they can kill. Other then capture and control having it on the board is key- mainly to WBB your destroyers again through the portal.

Tanks- yep, everybody is playing them at the club, but rhinos and side armor chimera’s fold from destroyer fire- use the destroyers to get the guys out on foot, and then move in with the shroud lord.


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