Way Of Saim-Hann .PDF

The .PDF that has been a long time in the making and the hardest for me to write… I’ve been playing my Saim-Hann for so long, so much of what I do is second nature and done without thinking. Trying to capture the essentials without overwhelming the reader this 24 page .PDF lays out everything I’m doing with my warhost at the base level. Assimilate what I’m putting forward, change your name to “Frtiz” and you can take over for me... OR build on what I’ve written and apply it to your own mech Eldar warhost! Use this .PDF as a base to build out with the posts and topics on my “Way of Saim-Hann” blog and you are even more set. Some of the topics covered in the .PDF include:

Fritz’s 1750 Warhost list.
Attack, Defense, Support Concepts.
Using Jetbikes, Vypers, Fire Prisms, and the Seer Council.
Way of Saim-Hann Concepts: Reserves, Swing Wing, Cover.
Playing The Three Standard Missions: Seize Ground, Capture & Control, And Annihilation.

Included with the .PDF are selected YouTube links to my tactica and battle report videos to help further illustrate the tactics and ideas “in action” helping you to see the when and where.

$10 payable via google checkout, the .PDF is sent via email once payment clears. Purchase also covers any future updates and changes to the .PDF as the 40K meta game evolves and any updated .PDF’s will be sent to the email address provided to google checkout.

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