Fritz And Jawaballs C'Tan Vs. Furioso Dreads

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7 comments: on "Fritz And Jawaballs C'Tan Vs. Furioso Dreads"

Newb Angel said...

Ws 5 vs Ws 4 = 3's not fours Deceiver hit a lot more

Bushido Red Panda said...

C'mon guys!!! :)

There's no way 3 venerable furioso's would beat the deceiver! If 3 assault it, he just leaves. Then assaults a single dread and takes it out. If there were enough of them, they could just melta him away though. I think Furiosos have Heavy Flamers, which can wound him on a 6 as well.

I'm not sure where you saw that engaged models may only attack models they were engaged with before the combat... but that's definitely wrong. Once assault moves are done, models are allowed to allocate attacks to anyone they are in base-to-base with, regardless of whether they assaulted that turn or not.

Great video though. I may do some "Epic Battles!" videos myself. Find out whether a super character could survive against some other super thing. :) Sounds like fun!

Lach said...

Bushido, look on the GW FAQ its the very first entry,


• Models that at the beginning of the combat(before any model attacked) were engaged with more than one enemy unit, but were in base contact with just one of the enemy units, must attack that unit.

Anonymous said...

Fritz! What are you doing! Seriously man, you are the necron guru, but you are failing in this video.

The Deciever should have left the assault at the start of his turn. It keeps the Deciever fighting one on one. Amoung many other things

Bushido Red Panda said...

Yep, that's the FAQ that I read, but think about that. The key points are "beginning of combat" which means after assault moves have been made, but before attacks are made. "Engaged" which would mean something if say, there were 2 Deceivers.

So in this case, assault moves are made then this rule would trigger. What is engaged with what? The Deceiver is engaged with both Furiosos. What is he in B2B with? Again, both furiosos. Therefore, he may attack either Furioso.

To make it even more clear, here's an example where this rule would come into play. 3 Furiosos vs 2 Deceivers in a squad (work with me here). All the dreads assault, 1 to 1 c'tan, 2 to 1 c'tan. Now check the rule... it's possible for both c'tan to be "engaged" by all three furiosos (by being within 2 inches of another model in the squad in b2b). However, they are not in b2b with all of them, so they must direct their attacks only to the ones they are in b2b with.

This would work well with a diagram :) but I hope I made it a little more clear. That entry in the FAQ doesn't mean what I've seen a few people take it to mean. I've seen enough people do it, I may even make an entry for my blog with pictures to explain it better.

Fritz said...

Doh! I totally forgot about pulling out of combat! Jawaballs' dreads run in fear at the might of the C'Tan.

Anonymous said...

Much better Fritz, thank you :)