Another Necron Perspective: Going Second!

For the most part I prefer to go first with all three of my Necron army builds. Getting that first turn to strike with my destroyers to either thin some numbers or pop transports before they can move and smoke is what I need. That said, sometimes you want to go second, and there is a definitive advantage to going second- not having to worry about phase out.

Of course you will have to make this calculation on the fly, but sometimes I find myself facing an particular army build- in this case IG template spam where phase out becomes a real worry despite my tricks. When this happens by going second I don’t have to worry about phase out by the end of the game. PO is calculated at the start of the Necron turn so by turn five, if I dip below phase out, yet the game ends- by going second I potentially win by not phasing out due to the end of the game. Sometimes that means I have to go for the turn five win, but with cover, monolith blocking, etc. one can definitely last five turns against more armies.

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