The Strength Of Only Two Warrior Groups?

One of the main problems with the current Necron codex is with the Warriors. As the only “troop” option in the ‘dex combined with the fact that you need “troops” to win two out of the three standard missions means the ‘cron player is kind of in a loose/loose situation. Load up on lots of troops and your army has next to no punch- the only real “viable” units being immortals, destroyers, and the C’Tan, and if you only go with the minimum of troops to spend the points on other toys your army can be eliminated by just taking out the two troop choices.

That said, we are kind of forced into taking the minimum of troops and spending the rest of the points on other models just to try and hold out own on the table. Right away you have to figure that your opponent is going to try and strike your troops to gain the win, so we have to use this knowledge to our advantage.

Ways to keep them alive longer? Cover of course! I’ve long talked about forgetting you even have a WBB roll and that it should only be though of as a last layer of defense to help keep your group up. Keep those warriors in cover so when you get hit by plasma you at least have the 4+ before going to the WBB roll next turn.


Face it, warriors only have punch at 12” and then in mass of 2+ groups to really do anything. Why even have them on the table for the first few turns where they can be shot at? Reserve them as standard and have them walk on the table, go into cover, and hold objectives on your side. Contest the other with your scarabs and destroyers, or VOD/ destroyer lord as another layer.

If you know your opponent is going to be going for the warriors to cripple you, make sure that you line up your C’Tan and immortal block in such away that they have to go through them first- often not making it to your warriors at all…

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2 comments: on "The Strength Of Only Two Warrior Groups?"

40k Junkie said...

I notice in your newesgt tournament list you have no monolith. I think that's a big issue. If placed right you should have two objectives close by, and I find you park the monolith in between them. I tend to use it as a cover piece and for added WBB support. I think that's critical with having only two troops. Which by the way I completely agree with.

Fritz said...

100% true on the monolith, I have this list without it for games where there is going to be a lot of las cannon or mos. creature spam- even with living metal they will go down being the only viable target for the las cannons and big boys. Not having one to contest and doing the same with scarabs makes at least allows me to do that.