Foot Lord Vs. Destroyer Lord

In some of my other posts I’ve talked about how the Necron lord is really only a delivery system for the various pieces of ‘cron wargear like the nightmare shroud and solar pulse. More so then ever the lord is key since his wargear is not a for of psychic power so the shift to psychic powers and way to easily negate them is not an issue. Bring on your psychic hoods and rune staff!

As a delivery system the destroyer body is almost mandatory as a foot lord limits you so much- unless you go veil of darkness, but that is sixty points (!) and does scatter with the deepstrike. The destroyer body brings you up to T6 base and gives you a 12”-24” threat range essentially giving you the same reach as VOD.

Given the current game can you argue for a foot lord over a destroyer lord?

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1 comments: on "Foot Lord Vs. Destroyer Lord"

IDICBeer said...

A foot Lord joined to a Pariah squad could be good to counter a fast army coming to your core! Give the Lord Nightmare shroud and try to slow down/distract incoming units with the LD7 Pariah rule. I know they are alot of points but at least your Warriors should be safe whilst the enemy are forced to deal with the Pariah squad! Also who would be expecting Pariah's at 36 points a model?

Other than the usual Lord with VOD joined to an Immortal squad, it's a Destroyer Lord all the way for me.