Are Heavy Destroyers Back?

Is it time for a return of some heavy destroyers? I prefer to try and just stop tanks with an immobilize or blow off the weapons which “gauss” can still thankfully do, as opposed to destroying them outright. BUT with Tyranids getting a rebirth on the table, and the ability to instant kill certain dudes, or at least put a mean hurt on the bigger bugs maybe it is time to give heavy destroyers another look.

Units of three of course to even think about making them work, and two units at a minimum to take advantage of the WBB synergy, but at least they won’t be competing for a fast slot that is needed for the destroyers and scarabs. More to come on this thought…

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1 comments: on "Are Heavy Destroyers Back?"

Dezartfox said...

I'm planning to try out the HD's, they're almost a mobile lascannon and perfect for character, tank and Nid hunting!