Necrons: Pariah + Monolith

Hi fritz, i have been playing necrons for about 6 months now and am a big fan of your star gods blog.
As soon as i began reading your tactics about placing warriors and the deciever in defense, forcing the enemy to run through the deciever my win percentage began to increase significantly. The look on my opponents face after he kills my warriors defending the point only to have another 20 come on to rapid fire is unbelievable.
I do however have to seperate questions:

1. With the recent FAQ involving multiple combats could pariahs as a defensive unit become more viable.
Say when your opponent charges your warriors or scarabs (if you had them in defense for some strange reason) could you then counter charge him with the pariahs, with him only being allowed to attack the warriors instead of the pariahs. This would really help with the initiative of pariahs meaning they don't get to fight back.
Was just thinking of ways to fight a large terminator based force without specialising to counter it. What are your thoughts on this?

2. How do you play your monoliths? Do you place them on the board or deepstrike, as i'm having terrible luck with both, in the last two games i fielded them, two blew up in the first turn of one game, and in the second game, one was destroyed and another became immobolised in the first turn.
Yet when i deep strike i regularly get a deepstrike misshap due to the sheer size of the monolith meaning it can hit scenery on a 7 inch scatter in many places of the board.
Don't get me wrong, theyre damn amazing when they get to do something, but atm i just can't get them to make up their points due to their sheer size denying them obscurred target.
Can youg ive any advice towards defending my monoliths? All other tactics for them are proving sound.

Reply Out:

You could do that with the Pariahs, but their limitations come back to numbers and points. To generate enough attack with hits and wounds you will need the full unit size of ten and this cuts into the rest of your army for warriors and destroyers along with not boosting your phase out number. And seeing all those warscythes a good opponent will down them with some shots first- even with T5 they only get a 3+ save so they die like “marines”. Better to soften up a termie units with rapid fire and then a Deceiver charge.

Not to say it won’t work, and you are thinking in the right direction on how to leverage the most out of ‘crons with the rules, but I think you have to ask yourself based on the armies you face at your gaming club or local tournies/friends when would the situation come up vs. how/if would it cripple the rest of your army with the points invested in pariahs.

With the monolith deepstrike you should only be loosing them if the go off the table, landing in terrain is ok, and if you scatter into other models they just move out of the way.

Tactically I always deploy the monolith in seize ground, better to have it on the table for the portal/WBB augmentation to keep my destroyers alive who sweep units off objectives for my warriors to then advance and take. Sure the monolith eats las cannons and can go down, but it is hit or miss playing one 1-2 vehicles (monoliths) on the table when every army is gearing up with melta and las spam to take on mech. If I can get it behind terrain for the cover save then great, although this is rare, otherwise it is a shield for my guys by blocking LOS.

Seize ground and annihilation I deep strike it, both to contest the objective, and to keep it off the table denying a kill point as long as I can since it can’t really hide for annihilation.


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4 comments: on "Necrons: Pariah + Monolith"

Dezartfox said...

That's not how assaults work (regarding Q1)
It's talking about MODELS, not UNITS.
So if a model is in b2b with a model in unit A it can only attack unit A, if it's only in b2b with the charging unit B, then it can only attack unit B, if it's in b2b with both, or within 2" of a model(s) in b2b with both units it can choose which to attack.
What your suggesting makes the charging unit invulnerable to attacks, which isn't how it works.

Aleksi Lehtio said...

The limitation comes when the unit is already in contact with unit A and get's charged by a new unit, unit B. In this case the rules state that if in b2b with both unit A and B then they must attack A. I'm not sure if the model is only in contact with a model from unit B.

cruise said...

Ah, that confusion again. There is a big difference between the start of the assault /phase/ and the start of the assault itself.

Basically, those termies are quite free to turn round and smack the Pariahs senseless, I'm afraid.

#2501 said...

Monoliths have been terrible fire magnets when I've fielded them in the past, and Pariahs just aren't worth the points. Take a bunch of destroyers, heavy destroyers, and one each foot and destroyer lord to support your warrior and destroyer squads and you'll see much better results. Remember the Necrons still auto-glance like it's going out of style, and if you strip the weapons off of a vehicle and immobilize it, it'll still pop. Just take it down under a hail of fire and stay on the move while you do.

That said, the 'crons are still a broken army, and mine are (mostly) staying in their tombs till they get a new codex.