Keeping Your Big Toys Alive!

I play both the Deceiver and the monolith in my 1750 tournament list and despite being rock hard with T8 and AV 14 living metal respectively the two do often go down hard in said tourney setting. The problem is with more and more people bringing las cannons and melta like weapons to deal with tanks, big bugs, etc. having only two viable targets on the table for an army built to shoot at multiple vehicles means I’m not going to last very long. The key is to accept this and turn it to your advantage, and at the very least those las cannons are not shooting at your destroyers which are the bigger threat of the two.

At the start of the game based on mission and what my opponent is playing, I ask myself which unit (C’Tan or ‘lith) do I need to keep alive longer to complete the win? The one that I don’t need I’ll threaten with my opponent more, often forcing them to deal with it, fully knowing it will go down, but at least buying me more time for the other.

Monolith or Deceiver?

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