Controlling The Center

I’ve talked about the advantages of going first with Necrons- it gives your destroyers a chance to ping any vehicles before they can shoot, get smoke up, move forward, etc. Down side is no last turn objective grab but that can be addressed by bombing objectives with a monolith and locking up holding troops with scarabs.

Most of the time, there is always the exception, I’ll actively look to go first and deploy my destroyer lord, scarabs, and destroyers in the center of the table. With the 12” movement and 36” shooting range I have complete coverage of the table with the ability to move and attack wherever my opponent deploys.

In the picture above my troops are on the left, and the Deciever is there as bait, but he will redeploy with his power to join the warriors. Pic below is my opponent’s deployment with his bassies and other long range tanks on the right- that is where my destroyers are going- remember, I only need to stop them from shooting, a glance or weapon destroyed is enough.

Of course you have to plan if your opponent plans to seize the objective for a reverse alpha strike, and of course if they go with mass reserves, but nobody plays like that anyway right?

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