Necron PDF And Victory Points

Hi Fritz,

thanks for the pdf, it's very cool. I've got a few questions though, if I may:

First: How would you scale the list down to 1500? Second: In the club where I play, 40k is still played mainly for VPs. Granted we still use the missions, but instead of winning based on
objectives/killpoints, you just get more VPs for them. I don't aim for winning the tournaments, since a)I'm not as competitive a player, I'm more into modeling, b)I'm more of a Warmachine player. I only want to show the guys that there is no pushing around the almighty star gods and their killer robots - Fritz style :) So my question is: is there any way Necrons can deal with VPs?



Reply Out:

Maciek, thanks! At 1500 I would drop a group of warriors and two destroyers, and then add 1 or 2 warriors to make up the points. This will change the list a bit in that you might have to consider reserving the warriors more since you only have two troops, and be ready to use the portal of the monolith more and more to keep the destroyers up- you are going to have to be a bit more careful with them- having two groups of three to work with. Tactically it plays the same as the .PDF and this is the list I’ve used when dropping down to 1500 points, again just have to be a little more careful.

As for victory points, depends on how much you want to play it- competitive vs. fun. For “fun” you would just play the game out and see where it lands. Using/abusing victory points, means you first look at your opponent’s army and what they have in it asking yourself- will I get more VP’s by winning the mission or just taking out key units? If there is a big difference between the two then you go for the greater tally of VP’s. For example, and it is simplified, if your opponent has a land raider full or expensive terminators and independent characters, you blast it with the monolith and then assault the guys inside with the deceiver and slaughter them, or bait it in with a warrior group making it look like you are going to try and immobilize it with gauss, let the warriors die trading 180 VP’s and then assault with the Deceiver, etc.

At the same time you want to deny VP’s to your opponent. This means if a unit starts getting below 50% or is going to be wiped out, you pull back with it. With the destroyers once you lose two, you then run away with the third hiding it somewhere to deny the VPs. Something else to consider, depending on where you are in the game, is that if your lord is wounded and giving VP’s away, maybe gamble and get him killed so hopefully phylactery will get him up with 2/3 wounds to deny VP’s.


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