Necrons Vs. Space Wolves Battle Report

1750 Points 4 Objectives Table Quarters Deployment

This week the sons of ‘Russ descended upon the Necron threat as we battled it out over objectives...

Space Wolves
1 Lord On Wolf W/ Fist + Storm Shield
Missile Long Fangs
2 Huge Blood Claw Packs + Rune Priest
1 Huge Bike Pack
1 Assault Marine Pack
Las Razorback
Scouts W/ Snipers & Missile L

30 warriors
8 Destroyers
Lord + Scarabs

My opponent took first turn to select the side with good cover and LOS for the long fangs and las razorback. Everything else deployed as far forward as it could and the scouts infiltrated after I deployed.

My plan? I needed to thin out the blood claw packs with my destroyers so when the lord and C’tan arrived for the assault, maybe they could do something. Warriors went into reserves to walk on and grab objectives. I knew I could get two, I would go for three, and if needed contest the one on the far right if anything fast was still up like my destroyers. I also needed to take out the blood claw bikes ASAP since they could potentially be assaulting me by turn two. These were first, then I would deal with the long fangs- but I knew I had to endure a round or two of shooting and I needed my destroyers and C’Tan up to pull it off.

I packed my destroyers and C’Tan behind the monolith so the ‘fangs and RZB could not draw LOS to them. Now this was a real gamble, and I wasn’t going to say anything, but they really weren’t hidden. My opponent didn’t so the gamble paid off, but he could have shot frag missiles at the monolith placing the template on the left corner of the monolith clipping a destroyer or two and hoping it would scatter a bit. With seven missile shots that is pretty good odds. Missiles could only immobilize the monolith so the RZB was the only real threat for the start of the game.

Blood claws run and move up supported by a rune priest as I move up and target the bikes with destroyers and the particle whip taking them out. Lord moves into place and pops off shroud causing the assault marines to fall back and then regroup next turn. Wolf lord on the wolf assaults the lord and I lose by a wound thanks to whiffing in the assault. Next turn I hit and cause to wounds to the lord and take him out thanks to the warscythe bypassing his armor and storm shield.

Rune priest does living lightning on the Deceiver hitting and wounding like crazy, I take three wounds as the blood claws advance. Long fangs fire into a destroyer group downing thee, they all get back up and fire with the second group killing a few fangs and at least making them a non threat- I can take two or three missiles a turn. RZB continues to fire, and miss or fail to armor pen on the monolith. ‘Lith drops particle whip in the first claw pack followed by mass destroyer fire- they charge the Deceiver and he misdirect them falling back, only to shoot again with the destroyers next turn and then charge whipping out the unit.

Warriors walk/run on and secure objectives, second blood claw pack comes around and pops the monolith with a lucky melta shot- nothing brings a tear to a ‘cron ‘players eye more than this- melta blood claw gets instant promotion to grey hunter as my lord and C’Tan assault the pack joined by the assault marines. C’Tan explodes from hidden power fists, lord holds his own, scarabs die, massive tarpit with the game ending on turn five- Necrons hold two objectives, ‘wolves one.

Shielding with the monolith was key, along with softening up the blood claws before assaulting. Lord got lucky on the wolf leader, if the bikes and the wolf leader made it in, would have been a different game.

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