Necrons Vs. Ultramarines Battle Report

1750 Points, Annihilation, Table Corners Deployment

Calgar + Terminators + LR Crusader
3 Tactical Squads + Rhino + Las Razorback
2 Dreadnoughts
1 Las Predator

30 warriors
8 Destroyers
Lord + Scarabs

I won the roll off and passed first turn to my opponent. He deployed everything out and I put out my destroyer lord with scarabs and reserved everything else. Here is what I needed to make happen given the assault awesomeness of this army.

First I needed to draw the land raider away from my table edge for when my reserves started coming in. Second, I needed to take out the las cannon pred since it was the main threat to my monolith which I needed up to portal the destroyers for the extra WBB and as a blocking piece with the Deceiver to stop Calgar and his boys for when they do turn around and assault.

My opponent moved out to the lord with his LR and I matched with my lord zooming forward to make it look like we were going to engage- making sure I’m out of his assault range of course. Las cannon shots at the lord fail to do anything with the 2+ cover save from turbo-boosting.

Turn two has my destroyers, C’Tan, monolith, and two warriors coming in- perfect. They move in the opposite side to the left and the destroyers target the predator taking it out with side armor.

Turn three has the ultramarines closing in shooting at the monolith as my destroyers then take out the razorback, an attempt at the dread with the particle whip which fails, followed by an assault with the C’Tan on the marines in the RZ killing them.
Turn four has the Calgar arriving, getting out and punching my monolith stunning it. Warriors continue to run away, third group comes in on the right, as my lord makes his way and stats shrouding on the marines in the back. Destroyers down a terminator or two as we move into five.

One of the dreads moves to assault the C’Tan and I epic fail at killing it, Calgar moves and runs with the termies closing in on my warriors, as I shroud and fire some more. Game ends turn five: 3 kill points for the Necrons, 0 KP for the Ultramarines. Drawing the land raider away was key along with coming in on the side farthest from it.

Warriors were as always useless in KP missions and it comes down to the destroyers targeting easy kill points with the ‘lith and Deceiver playing blocking. Of course if Calgar had gotten in, I would have been wiped off the table!

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