Necron Anti-Tank Tactics: Part II

While this post could apply to any army, Necrons it applies more so…

Necron Anti-Tank, what are your options? Heavy Destoryers, not bad for 65 points a model, especially when you consider the mobility of the model, T5, and a WBB roll. Problem is they occupy a heavy support slot that competes with monoliths and tomb spyders- depending on your build you need one or the other. Second problem is that they only come in units of three. Kill one and it is a LD test, and LD is not fearless, maybe close, but you could still roll and 11 or a 12! Take out the three of them and no WBB roll, unless you have another group and then we are back into cutting our heavy support choices.

Regular destroyers work well enough on light tanks like Rhinos, but as soon as you hit any AV 12+ armor you are back to the glancing game. While it is true that you should be using their mobility to hit the weaker side armor, that is not always the possible, and a good general will know this and try to minimize such shots of opportunity.

If you can’t destroy the tank then what is the plan? Well, for Necrons, immobilizing it is just as good. With our WBB rolls we can stand most of the shots coming from said tanks, even a predator dakka tank, and preventing them from shooting is easy on a glance so even vindicators and Tau rail tanks aren’t much of a threat. BUT, things like land raiders and assault vehicles are a huge problem since they need to be stopped before they deliver their payload into the ranks of our warriors. SO, if you can’t destroy the tank, stopping it is the next best thing. Once it is immobilized move on to the next tank, and fortunately we can still immobilize vehicles on the glance. In this capacity, immortals and destroyers work best since they have the range and volume of shots to pull off a few glances each round of shooting.

Ok, so Fritz, what is the third option for stopping tanks? Well, have you ever considered terrain? Yes, terrain. Roll through terrain and there is a one in six chance of getting immobilized- remember and immobilization is just as good as being destroyed. Get your opponent to crash his own army on terrain.

At the start of the game depending on the mission, use objective placement or annihilation deployment to maximize terrain. Where can you castle up to force your opponent to move through at least one or two pieces of terrain on the way in? What units- destroyers, VOD lord/destroyer lord can you send out to bait them into terrain?

1 in 6 odds are pretty good, and for Necrons we’ll take anything we can get!

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2 comments: on "Necron Anti-Tank Tactics: Part II"

#2501 said...

While I'm a big fan of the glancing game (and I am, with my 3 full squads of destroyers) I have to take issue with your terrain comment. No one in their right mind will willfully crash their vehicle into terrain like a moron and strand themselves. You might as well just bet them $100 that they're stupid and expect to be $100 richer.

Better to let them hit a 10-man warrior squad with their LR's cargo, let them be wiped out and re-rezzed elsewhere, and then shoot the "victorious" termies to death.

Fritz said...

Right mind correct...

But force them to do it via objective placement of mission goals and they have to risk it. That is the key, to think ahead before the mission and sides to see what you can do.

Layer with both ideas of terrain, anti-tank and speedbumping.