Necron Null Deployment Model

So I’ve been talking about the concept of a Null Deployment model on my other blogs- how the newest 5th ed. codexes seem to be heading in this direction if you know where to look and how to taken them- Tyranids and Blood Angels being able to replicate the idea perfectly. But what about older codexes, what about Necrons? Can it be an option for Necrons also? Something to use in addition to traditional lists & deployment models?

Perhaps. Depends. Maybe.

In a nutshell the Null Deployment model has all of your units arriving via outflank and deepstrike to crush face. More than a simple outflank army it also seeks to create pressure in the center of the table so there is nowhere for your opponent to pull back against. The time tested defense against outflanking armies is to castle up and blast away. BUT, when you are getting hit on all sides where are you going to castle up against? The model also has as much as possible 6+ units outflanking so it is like a wave washing over your opponent. What it also has going for it is surprise- your “deployment zone” is all the table edges plus infiltrating and deepstriking. Most 40K players (like 90%) are stuck in the your side/my side model so using the Null Deployment model takes the game to unfamiliar territory for them. Check out my Tyranid blog for more info on the concept and how to adapt it to your army…

So, is this something Necrons can use as another option in the playbook? You can give it a try, and it does have some bite, but is a bit harder to pull off then the new codexes basically because of the point cost of the Necrons themselves- modern codex armies just have so much more so they can flood the table with multiple entry points. Anyway, here is the idea, and I’ve been playtesting it out with mixed results. I won’t say it should replace normal deployment methods (unlike Tyranids & Blood Angels which should always do this every time!), but it does give you another direction to go in as needed, depending on the army you are facing. Vs. something like IG, this is the way to go, lining up will just get you blasted being outnumbered and outgunned.

Fritz’s 1750 Necron Null Deployment Army

Lord W/ warscythe + solar pulse
10 immortals
10 Flayed Ones
10 Flayed Ones
10 Warriors
10 Warriors
3 Destroyers

You want to take first turn with this army and put your lord and immortals as far forward as you can towards the center of the table. Destroyers hang back as far as they can, while the monoliths deepstrike, flayed ones outflank, and warriors either get reserved to walk in on the table and hide, or have one walk in and one pop out of the monolith depending on the army you are facing.

Turn one immortals advance and you pop off solar pulse to protect them from a round of shooting. Destroyers either target light mech or go to stun heavy template mech so they can’t shoot. Turn two when stuff starts arriving you want to drop your monoliths one on the right and one on the left to cover the entire board with 18” for the teleport. Flayed ones come in off the edges and assault (put objectives within 12”), and basically be ready to use the portals to zip around as needed- even sucking the immortals and lord through. Don’t forget tank shocking with the monoliths!

Based on what Necrons are right now, and what they can do, the only real problem in the list is the three destroyers- four are a minimum and I’d like to get two sets in, but there just isn’t the points to get everything else the lists needs to try and work…

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