Necron Warriors: the Min/Max Question

This week’s post is more of a question then old Fritz handing out some tactics. Something, I’m not 100% sure of myself so I’ll open it up to debate in the comments section…

Necron warriors- take a maximized 40+ amount or just go with the bare minimum of twenty? Back when the Necron codex first dropped foot armies where the bomb. Vehicles were deathtraps, LD 10 prevented a sweeping advance, and gauss was king. Mass warriors were a fearsome sight, but the game has changed, and the codex hasn’t…
Now Necron warriors really aren’t that great, and they certainly are not worth their points, but being needed for two of three standard 40K missions, we Necron players are put in a hard place, especially when you account for the fact that what is “good” in the codex comes from our heavy and support choices.

Load up on warriors for lots of scoring points and to boost phase out and you have a relatively weak army with points being eaten up that should be spent on destroyers, immortals, scarabs, monoliths, etc. Max the points on those and go with twenty warriors and it is easy for your opponent to cripple your army in objective based missions.

I’ve played both sides of the game- massed warriors that I feed to any incoming units and then counter with destroyer fire and my destroyer lord on one side, to min warriors and fifteen destroyers plus immortals on the other side.

Of the two, I’ve found the minimized warrior option to be the better option- boosting my shooting and killing power with units that can actually do it. Often my warriors will play the reserves game, and a monolith portal to augment WBB rolls almost becomes mandatory. Of course tactically I also try to use the fact that I only have two warrior groups against my opponent hoping they will try and kill them for the win, allowing the rest of my army a little more space to breathe.

Sound off, what do you think is the way to go in the current meta-game? Mix or Max? How many warriors are you running and at what point level?

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2 comments: on "Necron Warriors: the Min/Max Question"

IDICBeer said...

First of all, never have more than ten Warriors in one unit.

In terms of how many units I am currently leaning towards three units. I find three to be a good compromise amount, not too big and not too small. Using the third unit as a back up, just in case things go wrong but leaving enough points for the other vital components of the army.

Maxing out on Warriors can and does work, but it tends to make the army very defensive and more difficult to force your opponent to make a mistake!

Haunter said...

I know how painful the decision is. I have a mandatory 360 points off the top of my list just to start. Playing in the 1000pt range is deadly vs anything that's been updated with reduced point costs like Marines. I'd say mobility and range is king for Necron in 5th, so minimum warriors, keeping them out of harms way as long as you can. Walk them in from reserves and take home field objectives and turbo boost Destroyers into the enemy to contest late game, if you haven't been able to kill them off with the Guass Cannons