Necrons Vs. Eldar Battle Report Warhammer 40,000

It’s not odd for me to show up at the club with Necrons, perhaps odd that Necrons are still even showing up, I’m now the sole player at the club with UltraBob, Bishop, and Daemonhunter John having shelved their ‘crons till a new codex, but what is odd is that recently I’ve been seen playing a destroyer wing over my usual nightmare shroud list.

I personally do prefer the nightmare shroud list a bit more- more dramatic and dynamic, but the destroyer wing does what Necrons do best- leverage all those T5 WBB rolls, massive amounts of S5/6 shots, backed by the Lord’s wargear. Funny thing is that when I play all those destroyers I kind of feel like I’m playing my Saim-Hann, but the tactics are VERY different. Both may be “jetbikes” but that is where the similarities end.

Destroyer wing is much like IG in 5th- take first turn and roll lots of dice to cripple your opponent. Unlike IG target priority is key with Necrons since I don’t have 8+ tanks and flyers on the table, PLUS plasma/melta vets + mystics, etc. WBB tries to leverage this, and of course you have to deal with phase out, and a low troops count. Not related, but for some reason I can make all my FNP rolls on my plague marines, but can’t make a WBB roll for crap…

So this Monday at the club I’m playing against a hybrid Eldar list- Seer council, Eldrad, two wave serpents, two fire prisms, fire dragons, guardians, and dark reapers. Mission is four objectives, dawn of war, with my opponent taking first turn.

Seer council goes out to the left to push my into a kill zone, at least from what I am figuring when the rest of the Eldar come on the table. Normally I do like to go second in an objective mission, but if I want to stand any chance of winning then I need to take first turn and pop off solar pulse. First turn helped, but solar pulse is what won me the game- why are ‘cron players STILL not taking this bit of wargear?
My lord and two warriors go out. I roll to seize the first turn and win- who is more surprised my opponent, or myself, being perhaps the second or third time I’ve actually done it after how many years of 5th edition?

Need to punk that seer council before they can get fortune up.

Normally night fight would protect them, but not with pulse, which I fire off and then unload my fifteen destroyers into the seer council- which go down like nothing under the volley of fire. What especially hurts is the S6 on the farseer which instant kills her. I feel like a jerk for rolling insane amounts of dice.
But we aren’t done with the game yet.

What worries me next is that the Eldar still have some punch with the prisms, reapers, and suicide dragons. They have more than enough to wipe out my two pathetic troop choices and I can’t win the game- the nature of ‘crons now in 5th. Warriors = 2 groups, AND the doomsday option- move those skimmers for cover saves + holo-fields, etc. and contest objectives for the win or at worst a draw- and we still aren’t counting just going for phase out.

Nightfight protects me from the fire prisms and now the plan is to march the immortals backed by the lord tomb spyders right into the Eldar so they will get shot up and not the warriors. Destroyers need to suppress glance the fire prims and then go after the wave serpents when they come on. I get some lucky rolls, rolling the dread of any Eldar player- rolling boxcars for the holo-fields, and immobilize, weapon destroy one fire prism, and stun the other.

Immortals take a pounding from the reapers, spyder try to punk skimmers as they move fast, dragons suicide into one group of warriors but the warriors hold and counter shoot, skimmers then try to contest but the destroyer spam is too much with the game ending with Necrons 2 objectives held, Eldar 0 objectives.

Bottom line beyond some awesome rolling on my part: solar pulse = win.

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