Necron Wishlist?

So here is a question for my fellow Necron players- what would YOU like to see in the new Necron codex. What do the ‘crons need to get them back on the table and stand a chance of going head to head with the new marinehammer codexes? We can all agree that Necrons are going to need a serious bump in power and reduction in cost to even start off on the right foot. Here are a few of my thoughts on them.

Warriors. As much as there is no flavor in having warriors as your only troop choice I can understand the thinking from a fluff based perspective. I’m fine with keeping them as troops if they got a toughness boost and WBB/FNP- essentially turning them into plague marines. They also need to be fearless and FNP would help with this, even with loosing combat. Warriors should suck in the assault, but they shouldn’t be penalized by this like they currently are. I’d like to see them get their flavor back as in 4th edition where they could just tie up a block of models and then you teleport/veil out and away.

Gauss. Needs to be fixed hands down before anything else. Necrons don’t have melta, lance, AP 1, template weapons because their design didn’t need them. With the way their codex was written, using a multiple damage charts, you could “kill” a vehicle on a glance. For the newer players out there, get a copy of the 4th edition damage chart and play your Necrons with this for kicks- they wreck vehicles so bad it isn’t funny. BUT with a -2 to glance and the only other option is overpriced, single shot heavy destroyers taken in groups of three, that ALSO happen to take up slots that you need for monoliths and spyders it is a bad place to be.

Lords. I’d like to see multiple lord builds- gold, silver, and bronze are coming, that much is confirmed. Question is will they open up and change around the force org chart? Bigger question is will we get to keep our wargear, which is still hands down the best in the game with so many options. Sadly, I’m not optimistic about this, GW will probably squash it, just like they have done with the other 5th ed. ‘dexes.

Transports. Necrons don’t need “mech”, their fluff just has them teleporting around, so expand that to get around not having mech, but they very real need for it to get you top objectives. Allow more teleportation, and deepstrike options, give us the ability to really phase in as long as we are still stuck with phasing out.

Phase out- it needs to GO! OR if GW is keeping it, at least give ‘crons the power to offset it.

Heavy Support: Each 5th edition ‘dex has gotten an apocalypse model to accompany it, so I’m expecting the pylon to make an appearance as a standard model. Hopefully it will be as game changing as the valk was for IG, as opposed to the crap that Tyranids got.

What do you guys think? Sound off, what to Necrons need to get back in the game?

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