Necrons Vs. Blood Angels Battle Report Warhammer 40,000

Sunday. Comic Book Heaven. Two games with the Necrons. Dudes lining up to play, I mean smack down Necrons for the easy win.

First game was against Gabe’s terminator/assault Blood Angels list. Fifteen termianators walking, tac squads for objectives, assault marines, and three dreadnoughts vs. my Necron destroyer wing- this time with the monolith, still working on the “list” for the October Salvation tournament, but more on that later… Mission is capture and control. Monolith in the center as the capstone, pushing forward as a WBB factory, warriors chilling on my objective, C’Tan as a screen for the termiantors- ten termies with fists will own the golden one, but I planned to just pull out of the charge if needed, and destroyers of course working the flanks, along with immortals and a VOD lord.

First wave was the assault marines and a leading tactical unit which my destroyers gunned down. Terminators and dreads were mid field which prevented my castled destroyers from moving out and not getting hit in the assault. They concentrated on the dreads, immobilizing two of them, as the forward moving C’Tan punked on later. My pushing monolith got thunder hammered to death from the second massive termie squad, nothing I could do. Lord VOD to get into position firing on the back tac squad holding the BA objective, and deviates over to the terminators, almost in range to assault. Blocked destroyers fire at the termies which predictably is a waste. Turn five has the immortals VOD with the lord to contest the BA objective and they make it, but the game doesn’t end. Next turn I try to contest with my destroyers by pulling the BA off the objective with the assault pile in but that fails, game ends for a draw.

Observations. My opponent needed to ram the terminators down my throat more, especially with the ‘crons having nothing to negate that AP 2 armor. Combat squad down the twenty of them, and deepstrike into my back ranks as the dreads follow up as a second wave, with the tacs in the back.

My mistakes? Not being aggressive enough with the destroyers, holding back and castling those first few turns which then allowed them to get threat pinned by the terminators. When the termies were still in the back I should have de-castled, moved into three groups and spread out to get into range to pelt the BA objective, and then contest with all three if needed.

Good lessons, more to think about and refine…

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