Necrons Vs. Space Marines Battle Report

Sunday. Comic Book Heaven. Two games with the Necrons. Second game vs. drop pod marines, three objectives. One objective on the left, one centerish right, and the final on the right. My plan is to deploy on the table, castled up, weather any fire, and then isolate and destroy any units that come down. Monolith is a WBB factory and I plan to push it to the center in support, and then onward to contest the objective on the left, while I take the one on the right and take/contest the center one. Pretty standard.

Space marines has vulkan, a librarian, two dreads, and lots of tactical coming down. Half the tacs deployed, the other half went in the pods which dropped along with empty pods. I knew I had to break out early since the pods could wall in my monolith and units and then I can destroy them with what- S6 shots? The C’Tan?

Turn one half the pods drop with Vulkan and boys landing near my warriors, along with a dread on the left. Tacticals and the libby land on the right center. Right away turn one is going to be the make or break. I can deal with a dread, or maybe Vulkan, but both plus a libby?

I plan to fire at the libby with the destroyers, assault Vulkan with the C’Tan, and glance the dread to death with the warriors and immortals. Destroyers shoot last incase I can’t stop the dread…

I get lucky on the dread and immobilize it with rapid firing warriors, C’Tan assault Vulkan’s group eventually wiping them out. Destroyers wipe out a combat squad and put some hurt factory on the second group with the librarian.

Immortals take some return fire, monolith takes a ton of fire, libby vortexes of doom on the ‘lith- hits but fails to pen. I’m lucky…

Next turn some speeders drop in and get hit with my destroyers and they go down as the rest finish off the libby and tactical as I push forward with the immortals, C’Tan and the monolith. Destroyers then swing around and start sweeping tactical off the left objective as the second dread comes down and assault warriors, etc, as I counter assault with my C’Tan. Game ends with Necrons holding one objective, Space Marines holding none.

Observations. In all fairness my opponent had some pretty lousy dice, even if you take into account all the wounds I was throwing on those marines- that is most of the destroyer wings’ plan- get marines to roll lots of dice and “1” and “2” will come up. S6 bypasses the marine T4. If I hadn’t stopped the dread and Vulkan that would have been it on turn one with them cutting down my warriors and immortals. I think the marines played a bit conservatively vs. Necrons, which is fair to understand since nobody else really plays them at the club. Going the full drop pod assault would have been better- just go for phase out and leverage the full tactical and dreads against me. Have Vulkan come down on a second wave so he can’t just land and have me counter assault him.

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