Necrons = No Leadership Tests?

Continuing my wish list regarding Necrons, why couldn’t they be fearless or even have a special rule which ignore all leadership test altogether? Preposterous? Game breaking? Well ‘crons once had it…

Enter the Necron Raider and their rules, check out the stats for the Necron Destroyer- same goes for the Lord, and Warriors. Well you know what GW you did think of a rule for it in the future, it’s called 5th edition nerf!

Imagine if Necrons didn’t have to take LD tests at all. Would pretty much change everything even if you keep gauss nerfed. With no more sweeping advance you could portal or veil them out which would make up for a lack of any dedicated close combat unit, and it would actually make the warriors worth taking as a troop choice, rather than the standard two that seems to be the norm in 5th- partially out of suckage, and also out of needing the points for elsewhere in the list…destroyers, scarabs, immortals…

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