Necron Destroyer Wing Update

So my progress with the destroyer wing continues with reevaluating the monolith in my list. Is it required? Yes, 100% as a WBB factory to keep the destroyers up and running, and as a capstone unit, much as in my nightmare list. But, in practice are the points better spent elsewhere?

It’s not so much that the ‘lith gets taken out by shooting, but that it is slow moving and bites the dust to thunder hammer termies that everybody at the club brings. So when it goes down I’m out of my WBB factory and down 200 or so points. Also, I’m always immobilizing the dam thing on terrain, based on its need to push ahead and remain central on the table to port destroyers around.

So, if I dropped the monolith what would the points be spent on? Counter assault is a problem in my list, heck it’s a problem with Necrons in general. I’ve played around with some tomb spydes which really aren’t’ all that in a counter assault role- they look good on paper, but I don’t need them to wreck face against a group of Eldar guardians- I need them to wreck thunder hammer dudes. I could go with more warriors, which would make things easier in multiple objective games, or bank the points, drop a few immortals and get the C’Tan on the table. WIP, more games to play, and then I’ll report back my findings…

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