1500 Point Necrons:Now With AT

Following on from yesterday I put together another list that I think is a little more effective than the last.


Overlord w/ Warscythe - 100

Command Barge - 80

Royal Court
Cryptek Harbringer of Destruction - Solar Pulse - 55
Cryptek Harbringer of Destruction x 2 - 70


Immortals x 10 - 170

Immortals x 10 - 170

Warriors x 10 -130

Warriors x 10 - 130

Fast Attack

3 x Heavy Destroy - 180

Canoptek Scarabs x 6 - 90

Heavy Support

Doomsday Ark - 175

Canoptek Spyder x 3 - 150


More Anti Tank, which a few people rightly pointed out on my last list, has been added. 

Let me know what you think of this one in the comments section.

One thing I shall address also is people getting confused over the Crypteks abilities. Yes I can take more than one of the same Harbringer, in this case of Destruction, it states that I cannot repeat unique wargear options from that type. As I have shown in my list I have three Harbringers of Destruction but only one has Solar Pulse, this is an example of what it means. Before people start telling others there wrong on various blogs please read the rules haha. 


Warflake Out
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