Yet Another 1500 Point Necron List ...

Although I am enjoying writing lists with this Codex I feel rather limited because of the little I know of how they will work out so with out play testing or at least extensive research into other peoples playtesting I can't comment yet.

I do have a basic idea of what I'll need and that's to stay away from assault ;p.

Of all the lists I've been playing around with for this points level I think I like this one best as it has alot of guns that can hurt. Whether I'm right on that point remains to be seen but from what I gather I'm fairly confident this would do well. I'm not sure what it is though but I feel myself limited when writing 1500 point lists with these guys, it could possibly be that the things they do have are fairly expensive points wise. I think though that I have done a good job.


Overlord w/ Warscythe - 100

Command Barge - 80

Royal Court
Cryptek Harbringer of Destruction - Solar Pulse - 55
Cryptek Harbringer of Destruction - 35


Immortals x 10 - 170

Warriors x 9 -232 Ghost Ark

Immortals x 9 - 153

Fast Attack

3 x Heavy Destroyers - 185

9 x Scarabs - 135

Heavy Support

Annihilation Barge - 90

Annihilation Barge - 90

Doom Scythe - 175

I thought that I lacked ranged AT weaponry which is why I implemented the Doom Scythes and Heavy Destroyers. I really do like the look of the Doom Scythe and really look forward to playing with it, the Death Ray sounds silly but it also sounds fun. Tesla is one of my favourite things in the Codex so lots of that makes me very happy. The only other thing I may do with a list is trying to fit in a Monolith, sadly this may have to replace the Doom Scythe =[ unless you have advice on what I could do to fit it in?

If you have written lists I really want to see them so either post a link to where you have written them or just write them out in the comment section. It's not that I need inspiration I'm just really enjoying everyones different take on it.

Your opinions would be greatly appreciated.
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1 comments: on "Yet Another 1500 Point Necron List ..."

Chris said...

Never get the monlith as every time i have fielded this its either blown up first turn of scattered onto another unit. better goin gfor the doomsday ark range brilliant, no need to move it. and at 175 points cheaper too.