Which To Choose:Immortals or Warriors?

This has been a topic of debate with myself really and I can imagine with most of the rest of you.

On the surface I immediately went straight to Immortals being that they had a better save....Then I thought how cheap the Warriors are, I can take say 30 of them for a mere 390 points. That is pretty impressive. That is not to say you will take 30 but I would for that cheap haha. The thing that makes them more tempting is they have Gauss which you can auto glance on a 6, if you bring 30, very tasty. And I think if this is coupled with a couple of big units of Scarabs, obviously one of the stars of the Codex, I think those shots could get scary. Very scary. This is just one case for them. There is also the case for bringing a Ghost Ark. What has surprised me is the lack of use this seems to get in peoples lists. Especially when they are running Warrior units. It's open topped so can be fired from, AV13 protection and if you disembark or if you have a unit nearby on a roll of a 2+ you get D3 Warriors back from the dead. That could be objective sitting to the max while keeping those lovely Gauss shots. That being said I also think they benefit from large squads. I think the thing I find most funny is how people have been putting up lists with small 5 man Warrior squads, that will not last long. I won't go any further with these but I will say I like the look of having a couple of big units of these guys and maybe one unit of....

Immortals, coming in at 17pts per model with a 3+ save and with a Gauss Blaster rather than the Warriors Flayer with a point increase in Strength and AP bringing it to S5 AP4. Or and this is the part I like, exchange those to Tesla Carbines with that lovely ability of a roll of a 6 for two hits. The AP - hurts it but I think this is fair due to it could get rather nasty. Overall I think these would do nicely for thinning out infantry. A unit of 10 with these could be nasty. You don't need to go Tank Hunting with these as you more than likely have a bunch of Scarabs munching to give the rest of your armies weaponry good chance of destroying everything. I think a unit of 10 Tesla Carbines coming in at 170 is a good deal. If you want to make them your main troops I think Night Scythes (when they are eventually released) will be brilliant. I would recommend possibly having one 10 man unit with a few 5 man units dependant on points level if these are your main troops.

Personally I like the idea of mixing them but it seems alot of 'net lists' have made the Immortals the only logical choice. I think a good idea would be to have two big groups of Warriors backed up by small groups of Immortals with Tesla say for example you have 20 warriors back them up with two 5 man Immortal Squads.comes in at 430 points. This is just for an example and I'm not saying that's what you should run exactly but you get the idea. I personally think that the Ghost Arks maybe getting sold short a little especially if your running a predominate foot list. I think they are a viable choice seen as they make your warriors even more survivable.              

I don't think I have to say anything about the Night Scythe seen as most people think that's the only choice haha.

This is just my thoughts, please leave your thoughts on what you think are the best configurations for Troops are.

I shall leave you with a list I find to be the best I've written so far.

Overlord - Warscythe - Command Barge - 180 pts

3x Crypteks - 105 pts
- HoD
- HoD
- HoD w/ Pulse


10x Immortals - 170 pts
15x Warriors - 195 pts
15x Warriors - 195 pts

Fast Attack
10x Scarabs - 150 pts
10x Scarabs - 150 pts

Heavy Support
Annihilation Barge - 90 pts
Annihilation Barge - 90 pts
3x Spyders - 150 pts     


Warflake Out.
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7 comments: on "Which To Choose:Immortals or Warriors?"

Kraggi said...

I agree with your thoughts, so far, 3 games in and I havent used any Immortals at all. I even managed to win 1 game!

I also think that people are selling the Harbingers of Transmogrification short. For 30 points their ability to make any enemy unit Hit move as if its in Difficult Terrain, yup I am looking at the tanks in the world, like Landraiders.

IDICBeer said...

Nice job on taking over this blog BTW, I have been away and been looking through some of your old posts recently, got some interesting stuff there. I was always hoping Fritz would come good on the Star Gods blog :-)

As for Troops, I am still torn, but I think there is a place for both choices in most lists. I have to say I am one of those people who have started playing with units of five! I suppose it's because I have been locked with ten Warriors as a Troops choice for the last ten years, that now I can take five for 65pts, I am going to do it, even if it's just for the novalty factor lol.

I think the lack of Ghost Arks in the lists floating around at the moment is probably because people are working on the models they have in there cases more, I am sure the Ark lists will start to appear more as the models are built up and painted (probably after xmas)

Warflake said...

There is some great combos in the book that compliment Transmogrification also.

Warflake said...

Thanks, I won't be as good as Fritz by any means but I shall try to put out good content still.

I do understand for veteran Necron players to want to play 5 man squads just because you can now but I'm just pointing it out mainly to people that have just jumped to the Codex. Being that they have come from, more than likely, a Marine player of some sort. But I think it's partly personal preference and partly the Codex is still new and finding out whether 5 man squads will work is something that needs to be tested more.

I'm sure we will see alot more Ghost Arks, I think people will probably run a few due to the AV13. I don't blame them. Yup I'm sure xmas shall spawn even more Necron players also which is great.

Jeremy R. Haugen said...

In lower point games, I like immortals slightly better than warriors. In larger point games, I like the warriors better. Large blobs of warriors.

Combined with Anrakyr on a CCBarge and Szeras, your immortals can be a serious counter-attack squad in low point games where you can't afford things like lychguard. That combo is really, really impressive in low point games, but it's power gets diluted above 1250 or so.

Larger armies have the room to take the things that Warriors need to really shine... huge numbers, ghost arks, and lords with res orbs.

Timmijdawg said...

my army is
troops: 5 squads of 10 warriors at 715 points with 5 viking ships (ghost arks i converted) for an additional 575 points
HQ: overlord w/ res orb, brain bugs ( mindshackle scarabs), and gauntlet of fire coming to 140 and illuminor Szeras
court: 4 lanceteks coming to 140 and 1 terrortek for 30. 5 lords with same as overlord for 425 total for a grand court worth 595
elites: 10 deahmarks for 190 and two Stalkers for 300 (490 total)
heavy support: 3 Death ships ( doomsday arks converted like the viking ships) for 525

3000 point army

ok so i have been asked why the ghost arks if you cant put the 12 (13 for overlord squad) man squads of warriors in them (each has a lord and lance tek or szeras). I foot slog and use the arks as mobile cover in a way and if the squad drops to low i put them in the ark and replenish my numbers. mark an indie character with your deathmarks and place the terror tek with them (they are standing on the board like your entire army should be reserves weakens you) not many things can stand against 2+ wound ap1 because the mark is also conferred to anything the character joins. i brought this army to a tournament and i find it quite sad that i had more models on the board than the tyranid player i fought the first round. the Doom arks... camp them in back as 72 inches is pretty much the board you play on and keep them alive at all costs. I learned that they may still pivot without counting as moving so that is a huge plus considering their firing ark is very small. and the stalkers are your hidden asset keep them out of combat i mean s7 is only good against a rino or a truk. People are like wtf is that then you shit 2 melta shots onto them and take out 2 guys or a tank and put a marker on them to make your guns twin linked its a good vehicle but the problem is the short range but move them forward with your warriors and they wont now what to kill cuz it all has some anti infantry and anti tank and upgrade the squad with the overlord. btw for 6th keep the teks and lords in the second rank of guys not the front.

Timmijdawg said...

i agree. i play an anrakyr/szeras army in low point games up to 2000 points is what i find effective before the combo starts losing its punch. in high point games i try to use zahndrekh and obyron or just save points and use the army i just posted above